Mapping practices
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Mapping practices of sustainable

training within the sector of transportation

and logistics

The IO1 mapping of practice is designed as the point of departure for the further fulfilment of IOs and activities.

By mapping out the practices, potentials and challenges present at the participating partner schools the project participants will be provided with an actual and precise analysis from where to develop the concrete activitites and make prioritisations of specific points of focus locally at each institution. There are 2 important outcomes: 1: contextual knowledge of the matureness of both institution, students and stakeholders in relation to the 12 UN Goals and climate sustainability. 2: During the process of data collection the partner group will be elaborating on a common language and a common understanding of different challenges and potentials.


By sharing their insights and findings the project participants will be inspiring each other and learn from eachothers institutions and thereby contribute to a heightening of awareness and quality. 3: Direct input and inspiration into the teaching material, eg courses and Sustainability camp.