Implementation of sustainability goals
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Implementation of sustainability goals

in accordance with school strategy

VET institutions need to adress the challenge of Climate change, and in this IO2 the project partners will put forth a model for implementation of sustainability in accordance with the existing school strategies / policies. From the IO1 the partners have gained a solid foundation of qualitative knowledge about sustainability practices, challenges and potentials seen from the perspective of stakeholders, students and trainers. Next step in the innovation process is to start up the actual policy making on the basis of the former Mapping of practice.


In order to create sustainable and lasting initiatives which supports the UN Climate goals locally at each schools in the long run, it is necessary to secure management is essential support and co-ownership also at the level of decision makers of the organisation. Both the top management level as well as the head of department who are responsible for any initiative is implemented with staff and students. But how do we get from intention to intervention? And how do you as the manager of a school or a transport and logistics department guide yourself and your staff and student around in the vast jungle of UN Goals, which all seem to contain enormous importance or be too fluffy to grab on, as they seem to cover more or less «everything»? In this IO, it is our goal to make a systematic systematic model or process of selecting and prioritizing specific goals and areas of focus in order not to do «a little bit of everything» with the risk of doing nothing. The ambition of IO2 is therefore to design a co-creation process through which the management level of the school and / or the departement of Transportation and Logistics succeeds in formulating a strategy for implementation of sustainabilty goals in accordance with the existing school strategy and at the right pace

Implementation of sustainable GOALS in each school 

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